Trainer Contract

This serves as an agreement to become an independent contractor of Body Back and is agreed on this ________ day of ___________, 20_______, between ______________________(hereinafter, “Trainer”) and __________________________ (Body Back). The parties to this Agreement mutually agree as follows:


  1. Trainers are hired on a freelance basis and are not employees of Body Back but rather independent contractors.
  2. Body Back forms the function of supplying a steady flow of clients to trainers throughout the duration of this contract
  3. Trainers are to take out their own personal training insurance at their own cost.
  4. It is the trainer’s obligation to pay their own PAYE and UIF.
  5. Trainers must own some basic equipment and must have adequate transport to get the equipment to clients. (Minimum requirement: 2 kg and 5 kg Dumbbell as well as one additional training component).
  6. The Trainer must be reachable during working hours and must make sure all supporting documentation is submitted timeously to head office when required
  7. All Body Back trainers must be qualified through certified personal training institutions and must provide documentation of the said qualifications.
  8. When there is desire to terminate this agreement, the trainer must do so in written form and provide notice of one month
  9. All clients given to trainers will remain the clients of body back once the agreement is terminated or ends.
  10. Each contract is valid for a period of 2 years unless otherwise terminated
  11. The costs involved in travelling are at the trainers own expense as travel is built into the client packages.
  12. Clients pay upfront for a months worth of sessions and Body Back will pay the trainer 70% of the total price paid by the client. Payments will be made on every Thursday of the month.
  13. If a trainer does not inform a client that they will not be able to make a session, this contract is immediately terminated and the trainer will be liable to pay back the sessions already paid out by Body Back.
  14. If the client is lost due to negligence the trainer will be liable to pay out 3 months of the clients personal training fees to Body Back directly
  15. Personal trainers can charge between R300-R360 per session depending on distance travelled, time slots and client affordability.
  16. Trainers can charge between R420-R480 for 2 on 1 training and between R490-R550 for 3 on 1 training.  
  17. Sessions are 50 minutes in length and under no circumstances should these sessions be shortened or lengthened.
  18. Trainers are to not only provide clients with personal training but to advise on exercise and diet plans at no additional cost.
  19. When the client’s sessions come to an end it is then the trainer’s duty to discuss with the client the amount of sessions they would like to purchase going forward.
  20. All invoicing is to be done by Body Back head office and under no circumstances is cash to be taken by a Body Back trainer. Payments are to come directly through Body Back.
  21. Body Back trainers cannot work for any other Mobile Training company at the same time.
  22. Trainers are to conduct a free assessment with each new client that they are matched with. It is in this session that the trainer should try and up sell the amount of sessions purchased.
  23. Packages do not run on a month to month basis and run from the time of the first session for one month from that date.
  24. If a client cancels less than 24 hours in advance they forfeit their session.
  25. Trainers are to maintain a professional working relationship with all clients and under no circumstances to enter into any type of romantic affiliation with clients.