What is BodyBack?

BodyBack is a matchmaking service between trainers and potential clients. BodyBack trainers are background checked and thoroughly vetted before being welcomed into the ranks, once on the inside we will match make you to clients in your area so that you can meet them at home, in the park or wherever they want to have their training session.

What’s in it for you?

Clients! We are a trusted company that guarantees the quality of a client’s trainer- so client’s prefer to go through us than go direct (especially since we will be going to their homes). All you have to do once you’re accepted is sit back and wait for the new clients to roll in.

What do you have to pay?

We don’t charge our trainers, our structure is actually pretty simple- we find and hook you up with clients, we manage the booking, scheduling, invoicing and all the other admin (as well as offering a number of really cool perks) and for that we take a percentage of the cost of the session. Most of this money then goes back into marketing for the area that it comes from (your area) so that we can bring you even more clients. It’s actually a bit of a no brainer..

So what’s the next step?

Are you a qualified personal trainer who is punctual, respectful and trustworthy? If you just said yes to all of those then just fill in the form on the right and we will be in touch with you!

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