Chad, our head mobile personal trainer, says, “Your body is a smart piece of muscley machinery, and gives you feedback about your workout in the form of pain. Pain is the red flag you must pay attention to, because you’ve gone too far.” This is how our expert fitness trainers suggest you increase my mobility, safely:

  • Increase your range of motion, slowly
    Do the L-sit to tabletop: Sit with your knees bent and hands behind your hips. Raise your hips until your torso is parallel to the floor. Keeping your arms straight, slowly straighten your legs and lower your hips to hover above the floor. Pause, then move back into the bridge position.

  • Work on your strength and stability
    Use the ranges you have, and use them often. If you don’t, you’ll lose that range. To increase mobility, you need to develop the strength and stability in the ranges you want for your body to keep allowing you to go there, safely.


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